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Simplicity is a fantastic merit which you can find in life. Simplicity should be observed by us in our food customs. We should take food that is simple but nourishing. If we’re kids, we should take curd, butter, bread, vegetables, milk, cheese and fruits.
Quick foods should be avoided by us. We shouldn’t smoke at any cost. Simplicity should be also observed by us in our clothing. We must not wear really tight clothing which make the motion of our limbs hard.

Simplicity should be observed by us in manner and our language. We should be considerate, sweet and modest in our discussion. We must not boast, nor should we attempt to intimidate others. We should be straightforward and fair in our deals.
We must have an easy lifestyle. We must not spend a lot more than our means. Our house should be constructed in a manner that was straightforward, precious. We need not have really high-priced gadgets in our houses except. Those which are crucial for leading a comfy tension-free life.


Until lately, I’d never been inside a stained glass studio. And then, with no preparation whatsoever, I found myself over the period of three days inside two studios. Odd how life works that way.

I supposed that I ‘d see some coloured works windows or something similar, but that would be it.

During a dialogue with among the artists, I was told and instantly understood that this same notion applies to nearly everything in life, development, and customs.